Sunday, March 06, 2005

Programming: Riskier (Part 2)

I think that this version of Risk, aka ‘The Risk Board Game’ is a bit dull for a rewrite, and so I have decided to introduce a more complex economic model, based on the interaction of individual regions, which will culminate in an equivalent ‘need’ to conquer all the regions on a particular continent. Essentially, each region will have an economic value (it’s core worth – termed ‘E’), but will return to the player each turn (or thereabouts) a value equal to it’s value E plus 20% of all neighbouring E, plus 5% of all those neighbours’ neighbours. In total, 3 levels of recursion are envisaged, as the following table will show:

Region Distance

Percentage of Economy (E)









Also, I decided to add another major change to the risk model, namely by making it Real Time (not turn based). That is, I want each unit to be able to move at any time, restricted only by it’s readiness level. Readiness will be reduced by 50% for each region move, and 75% will be required to move at all. Hence, although everything could move at the same time, it would be strategically dangerous to do so. Readiness will be regained by a unit based on a variety of factors which will be determined later, but which will involve tech level, morale, and whether the region being moved into is friend or foe.

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