Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Life: The Continuing Saga of That Damn Car Stereo

Yesterday I rode to work in order to drop off my car to be repaired (see a previous post). When I picked it up, they had the gaul to charge me for a 'ground loop'.. I don't even know what that is, but clearly, it sounds like something they should have checked for in the first place.

At least I had music, I thought. So, I'm sitting in traffic playing with the remote control (which is kind of cool, even though basically useless), when I realise that the b@stards haven't hooked up the front speakers... The good ones! How can you miss such an important part of an install? I can't help but ask - What were they on?

I think this time I'll do the work myself.. Damn them. There goes my sleep in this Saturday!

It's worth noting that the company in question is Strathfield Audio in the Adelaide CBD. Not good enough boys.

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