Friday, November 25, 2005

Politics: Peak Oil makes it to Australian TV

Australia's national broadcaster ABC has produced a 15 minute segment on the show Catalyst about Peak Oil. Finally there is the beginnings of a discussion on this very important issue.

Although they covered the topic in some detail, it was only a 15 minute segment on a channel that is rarely watched by the mainstream public. If only this type of journalism was being done on the big channels. Instead, 60 minutes is covering the latest human interest stories (Not that I mind, it just seems the world has more pressing stories to tell!).

The most compelling fact of this story was the hands-up poll conducted by an Australian Oil man at an Industry conference, who asked the assembly, how many think we've already reached the 'peak'.. 50% or so said yes.. Scary. You'd think those people would have an inside look..

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